Diverse Motor Technology

Offering an array of motors, including Standard, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Homekit over Thread, and Matter over Thread, Smartblinz caters to various smart home protocols, facilitating effortless home automation and smart integration.

Smart Control with SmartBlinz

Smartblinzconcept motorized shades offer cutting-edge smart control and universal compatibility for your home. With intuitive remote, voice, and app controls, these shades seamlessly integrate with nearly all smart home platforms on the market, including HomeKit, Alexa, Home Assistant, Google Assistant, SmartThings, Hubitat, Control4 and more. This broad compatibility ensures that our shades can easily connect and coordinate with your existing smart home ecosystem.

Enhanced Home Automation

Embrace the smart lifestyle with Smartblinzconcept's motorized shades, which are not just about controlling light and privacy but also about syncing with your home's smart automation system, offering a seamless and integrated living experience.

Universal Compatibility

No matter your device—be it an iPhone, Samsung, or any Android phone—Smartblinzconcept's curtains are designed to fit perfectly into your smart home ecosystem, providing convenience and enhancing safety.

Smart Integration for Every Home

Smartblinzconcept ensures that regardless of the smart home protocol you use, be it Zigbee, Z-Wave, or the latest Matter standards, their motorized shades will enhance your home automation, offering a smarter, more convenient, and safer living environment.