SmartBlinzconcept infuses each product with durability and excellence, securing sustained performance and worth, leading to an effortless and satisfactory product experience.



SmartBlinzconcept offers a 3-year warranty on the products. Please see below to obtain warranty service and be informed of certain exceptions to the warranty.*


      To Obtain Warranty Service

      If any problems arise with your product within the warranty period, it is imperative to contact your distributor immediately. Warranty claims necessitate proof of purchase and a detailed account of the defect.

      The exclusive remedy provided under this warranty is the repair or replacement of faulty products. SmartBlinzconcept or its licensed distributors or retailers are not responsible for expenses related to the removal or reinstallation of the product. Repair work will be executed using parts of like or similar quality. This warranty expressly excludes any costs associated with shipping, labor for measurement and installation, and any travel-related charges.



      • Normal wear and tear, misuse, improper installation, neglect, accidents, tampering, environmental factors like high humidity, color fading, or lack of adherence to provided measurement, installation, cleaning, or maintenance guidelines.
      • Damage due to vandalism.
      • Issues arising from the use of incompatible devices or accessories.
      • Natural disasters or acts of God, including but not limited to fires, lightning strikes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes, or any other circumstances beyond our control.
        This warranty supersedes all other warranties and commitments, whether written or oral. Smartblinzconcept and its dealers expressly negate any responsibility for secondary or consequential damages, or any other indirect loss or expense that may arise. This limitation of liability is preclusive, and where the law restricts or disallows such warranty exclusions, they may not apply.