How can Pantone’s 2024 color trends elevate your home when paired with Smartblinzconcept’s range of fabric colors for motorized shades, creating endless possibilities for stylish and harmonious decor? Here's the answer!

Harmony in Hue

Infuse your living space with the tranquility and modern elegance of Pantone's color palette, as showcased in this exquisite setting. The gentle blend of Pantone White and Mushroom brings a soothing balance to the room, punctuated by the deeper tones of Blue Depths and Otter for a touch of sophistication. Smartblinz’s motorized shades complement these colors with their sleek functionality and stylish presence, enhancing the aesthetic while offering practical, effortless light control.

Modern Elegance

Step into a realm where Pantone’s Otter and Turtle Green bring the outside in, creating an organic and chic harmony in this contemporary space. Accents of Lilac Gray and Iced Coffee introduce a layer of sophisticated neutrality, while shades in complementary tones offer a sleek backdrop and functional elegance. This ensemble showcases a mindful curation of home decor, where the colors of the furniture and the shades collaborate for a look that’s both modern and timeless.

Color Sync

The calming tones of Chambray Blue and Northern Droplet blend effortlessly with the crispness of Pantone White, mirrored in the sleek design of Smartblinz's motorized shades. Accents in Moth and Brush add a touch of earthy sophistication, while the inviting Sauterne infuses a hint of warmth.

Luminous Neutrals

In this airy interior, Pantone’s selection of soft neutrals – from the pure essence of White to the subtle warmth of Seedpearl and the depth of Doe – creates an ambiance of understated elegance. The shades by Smartblinzconcept embrace this palette with sheer fabrics that soften the cityscape view while maintaining a bright and welcoming space. Touches of Brilliant White and Northern Droplet introduce a crisp freshness, and the sheen of Liquid Luster adds a hint of sophistication, proving that neutral tones can make a striking impact when paired with thoughtful design elements.

Cellular - Nowa

Roller Shades - Linen

Zebra Shades - Astrid